At Deerhunter, functionality is the most important parameter for a successful hunt. Their hunting apparel is designed to be used for all types of hunting, in different types of vegetation and in varying climatic conditions. Therefore, they make a great point of choosing the right materials for their individual products. They work with professional hunters from all around the world, acquiring broad knowledge of landscapes, animals and the actual needs of their customer. They use high tech membranes and materials to ensure their gear offers a high level of water penetration resistance, wind resistance and breathability. 


Men's Outerwear

Deerhunter Cumberland Pro Jacket
From:  USD $ 291.50
Deerhunter Muflon Jacket
USD $ 385.50  (2)
Deerhunter Muflon Jacket - Long
USD $ 432.50
Deerhunter Muflon Light Jacket
USD $ 292.00


Ladies Outerwear

Deerhunter Lady Christine Jacket
USD $ 235.00
Deerhunter Lady Mary Jacket
USD $ 346.50


Men's Jackets



Ladies Jackets

Deerhunter Lady Ann Jacket
USD $ 111.50  (1)



Deerhunter Hurricane Rain Jacket
USD $ 101.50
Deerhunter Hurricane Raincoat
USD $ 142.50
Deerhunter Survivor Rain Jacket
USD $ 55.00
Deerhunter Survivor Rain Poncho
USD $ 62.00


Men's Trousers

Deerhunter Cumberland Trousers
USD $ 243.00
Deerhunter Deer Trousers
USD $ 182.50
Deerhunter Hurricane Pull-over Trousers
USD $ 55.00  (1)
Deerhunter Survivor Rain Trousers
USD $ 34.50


Ladies Trousers



Deerhunter Cumberland Gloves
USD $ 62.00
Deerhunter Embossed Logo Hat
USD $ 18.00
Deerhunter Muflon Winter Gloves
USD $ 93.00



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